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Keep Away Your Computer From Virus and Staying Safe Online

1: Avoid File Sharing Programs File sharing programs such as emule, Limewire, Sharezaa, Kazaa, Frostwire, Bearshare, etc are breeding grounds for distributing malware and virus infected programs and music. If your just a casual computer user most likely you never heard of any of these programs, however, if you have …

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Malware and Viruses Hit the Cyber World

The cyber world has been awash with hacker activity and notably the biggest reports over the past few months are concentrated in the Middle East. These hacker activities and incidences of malware attacks have now been established to be politically instigated. The attacks have been aimed at Iran and their …

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Malware, Worms and Virus

Malware is a shorthand term for malicious software; that is, software written with the intention of doing harm. It’s plain and simple: malware programmers want to wreck your PC and your network. They have their reasons for this malicious intention, including stealing your private information, among other things. How the …

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Can I Avoid Viruses Without an Antivirus Software Program?

The answer to this question will depend on what you use your PC for. Nowadays, most people use computers to surf the web, use email communication and a host of other essential activities like banking, shopping and paying utility bills. For those who aren’t connected to the internet, the PC …

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How Malware Is Shaping the Need for Internet Security

As the variety of ways the Internet can be used as a communication tool increase, the number of risks associated with using this platform also advance. In 2000 a computer worm known as “ILOVEYOU” or “Love Letter” successfully attacked tens of millions of computers. The worm was sent by email …

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Free Software For Business Success and Productivity

I previously wrote an article about some of my favorite free software. It wasn’t a long list because I intended to come back and write again on the subject. And this probably won’t be the end-all list either. Many of us have spent thousands of dollars for software to efficiently …

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Top Four Malware Removal Software

With most data and businesses going digital, communicating via the internet has become much easier and much more convenient. However, with the convenience the Internet provides, this benefit has its own set of harms. The Internet world was never safe to begin with, you put something out there and the …

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How to Eliminate the Google Redirect Virus

The virus world has become a battle of attrition as hackers and antivirus manufacturers find more ways to outsmart the other, the former creating new malicious software that the other side counters with more effective anti-malware products. The Google redirect malware is no different; its creators have intended it to …

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Unblock Site: How To Unblock Blocked Websites on ESET Internet Security


Many security and anti-virus products have autoblock website feature. However, sometimes this features giving false detection and block website that we know safe. It happens many times with ESET Web Access Protection feature where the security firewall protection blocks reputable websites and flag as a dangerous site. This false detection …

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