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Top Four Malware Removal Software

With most data and businesses going digital, communicating via the internet has become much easier and much more convenient. However, with the convenience the Internet provides, this benefit has its own set of harms. The Internet world was never safe to begin with, you put something out there and the world will be able to see it. But, due to the prominence of social networking sites, as well as the popularity of online businesses, the threats have become more aggressive than ever. Harmful malwares are now being programmed, to not just solely crash your computer or delete files, but are programmed with the intent of stealing sensitive information such as personal and financial information. The only and the best ways to prevent this from happening are to be prepared and equip your computer systems with the best anti-malware software. These software may not eliminate the chances of you becoming a target of these attacks but you will be able to get rid of them once you have been attacked.

What Are Malwares

Malwares are programs solely designed and programmed to disrupt the normal functions of computers and gather, or rather, steal information that could be used to destroy users. Malicious software can be in the form of scripts, codes, etc, that are spitefully given the task to breach the security of computer systems in remote locations or in a complete network.
Listed below are some of the best malware removal software that can effectively and efficiently abort the activity of malicious programs.


  • Provides fast scanning and smooth installation
  • A bit complex, thus recommended for use by experienced users
  • Equipped with Chameleon technology which grip on infected files
  • Paid version offers the features of blocking zero day infection and schedulers


  • Equipped with USP – Provides greater compatibility with other antivirus protection software
  • Available in both free and paid versions
  • Its freeware is not considered as good as that of Malware-bytes
  • Features an on-demand-scanning for freeware
  • Provides real-time work of scanning, start-up auto scan, and curbing malware before they spread with 50 diagnostics

Spybot Search & Destroy

  • Effectievly searches and destroys malicious software as the name suggests
  • Applicable for Windows OS
  • One of the best malware removal software available as a freeware which can be used for personal use
  • Functions include host file modification, malware and botnet scanning, file shredding and dummy code introduction
  • Needs to be updated regularly


  • Features include protecting users of Firefox and IE from software based on ActiveX and cookies that might create problems
  • Navigation is not an issue
  • Clearly shows protection status and restricted websites
  • System Snapshot tool saves a record of the system settings. You can restore this if changed by any spyware, this features makes this one of the best anti-spyware software
  • Provides multiple options to allow or restrict certain functions

Among many malware protection software that are available in the market, the four software mentioned above are the ones which stood out due to performance and the ability to withstand threats. You will be able to look for more information about them on their respective sites. Check out reviews and professional evaluations by experts to help you decide on which anti-malware software is best for you and your computer.