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Unblock Site: How To Unblock Blocked Websites on ESET Internet Security

Many security and anti-virus products have autoblock website feature. However, sometimes this features giving false detection and block website that we know safe. It happens many times with ESET Web Access Protection feature where the security firewall protection blocks reputable websites and flag as a dangerous site. This false detection can lead some users believing a known safe website is not safe. However if you sure the blocked website is safe and it is not dangerous, you can try to unblock it. You can try to unblock site by follow tutorials on this page.

OPTION ONE. Unblock site by disabling ESET firewall protection on your PC. (NOT RECOMMENDED).
Your option is to disable ESET firewall protection before you are visiting the website URL. This way is not recommended to unblock blocked websites. However, if you insist want to use this way to unblock blocked websites we still write the tutorial about how to unblock site using this method.

OPTION TWO. Uninstall your ESET products.
This option so hassles to do. So we recommended skipping this option unless you don’t like ESET and want to change with another security and antivirus products.

OPTION THREE. Use ESET Web Access Protection feature to exclude a website address and add exception URL. (RECOMMENDED).
This method is the most recommended way to unblock blocked websites. When unblock site using this method, you don’t need to disable the firewall protection and blocked websites will open (accessible) without a problem.

How to unblock site by disabling ESET firewall protection on ESET Internet Security products.

STEP 1. Take a look on your Taskbar if you are Windows user and find ESET product icon, on ESET icon Right click your mouse.
Usually, the icon placed by default is on left corner bottom.

STEP 2. Popup windows will appear, then click on Pause firewall (allow all traffic).

ESET Disable Live Protection Allow All Traffic Pause Firewall

STEP 3. You need to confirm when UAC dialog box asking for confirmation the change. Click on Yes.

ESET Disable Live Protection UAC Confirmation

STEP 4. When you see a red exclamation on ESET icon, it tells you your firewall is off. Without the firewall on, there no protection on your PC and devices and you can visit blocked websites.

STEP 5. To enable back the firewall protection, repeat step 1 and 2 above. Then click on Enable firewall when popup windows options appear. The UAC confirmation will ask again and confirm Yes.
When you don’t see any more red exclamation on ESET icon, that’s mean your firewall is on and you are protected now.

ESET How To Enable Firewall

How to unblock site by add and exclude website address on ESET Web Access Protection

We use ESET Internet Security products in this guide. So, make necessary adjustments if your ESET product version is different.

STEP 1. Open ESET Internet Security main screen.
To open it, double-click ESET icon on taskbar or desktop. Click on Setup menu then click on Advanced Setup.


STEP 2. Advance setup screen will open. Under Web and Email menu select Web access protection.
Click on + to expand URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT menu, click Edit to edit Address list.


STEP 3. The Address list screen will open. Double click the List of allowed addresses.


STEP 4. Edit list screen will appear. Click on Add or Import button to start to add URL on the exception list.


STEP 5. Add mask screen showing. You have many ways to add unblock site URL. Single line (one by one), multiple URL and Import. Multiple and import options could be useful if you want to unblock blocked websites in bulk.

ESET Settings Unblock Site Add List URL Single

ESET Settings Unblock Site Add List URL Multi

Details info how to add URL Website.

STEP 6. After you finish doing step by step the guide adding URL then click on OK OK OK and then confirm Yes when UAC dialog box asking for confirmation about the settings change.

ESET Disable Live Protection UAC Confirmation

CAUTION: After you add unblock site URL to exclude a web address list, the ESET Internet Security will not give you a virus alert or warning anymore. So, make sure you verify all URL is known safe website before you added to unblock site list. Wrong add URL to exception list may cause your PC or devices in risk due to infection by malware and worm virus.

When all process finishes, try visiting the unblock site. If the URL still inaccessible, possibly you missing some step when adding the URL. Try to repeat the process the unblock site and make sure the blocked websites or URL is accessible.